Ginny O'Neill 


Artist Statement

            I am a representational artist. I consider my art a kind of portraiture, whether I’m painting a barn, a fishing boat or a dog. I work in watercolor on 300lb hot press paper and on Aquabord (a hardboard surface made for watercolor paints). I paint in watercolor because I absolutely love the process. I love the unique random magic that can happen when colors mingle; I love the way the paint reacts to different surfaces.

            I’ve always painted the Pacific Northwest because it is what I know and love. I relate emotionally to the atmosphere and colors in this part of the world.

            For the past few years, in addition to landscapes, I have been painting portraits of animals (mostly dogs), people (mostly children) and recently birds, large and small.

            I’ve been painting in watercolor for 15 years, but I am still a work in progress. When I succeed, it is because I’ve been able to balance all the elements in my painting, including combining the detail that I love with looser impressions of form and atmosphere.

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