Watercolor - Painting Animals and Pets


Watercolor - Painting Animals and Pets


Date: Saturday, February 29th
Time: 10am-3pm

Instructor: Liesel Lund

Do you have a favorite animal or pet? Painting animals that you admire and love is really fun. We’ll look at how to paint fur, scales and feathers. And the most critical part of all - how to paint the eyes. This will bring your animal to life if you can paint believable eyes. Learn how to place the animal in an interesting composition to tell the viewer where they live or how big they are. Several group demos and lots of individual instruction provided. You will be painting from your own photos- so bring whatever you would like to learn how to paint!

-A selection of photos printed out is best, because you can overlay tracing paper to try out different compositions. Photos on devices are okay, but harder to work from.
- Your watercolor painting supplies: 140lb Watercolor paper, brushes, palette with paint.
We do have student grade brushes available, as well as paper towels, water containers, and spray bottles.

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