Watercolor- Painting Beaches, Waves & Water


Watercolor- Painting Beaches, Waves & Water


Date: Saturday, February 22nd
Time: 10am-3pm

Instructor: Liesel Lund

We live in a gorgeous part of the world just calling us to paint it. But painting our beautiful Puget Sound and other types of water often stymy one. How do you paint water? Crashing waves? Sandy beaches? Rocky beaches? We will cover that and more in this fun class. We’ll also look at how to paint reflections and sunlight on water. For those of you who collect shells, rocks and driftwood- we’ll look at how to portray those as well. Bring your own photos and beach combing treasures and get group and individual guidance on how to paint them. This class is best for someone with at least some familiarity with watercolor.

-Any source photos of water, beaches or beach combing treasures that you would like to paint. It is easier to use printed out photos than an ipad/phone, as the lighting remains consistent.
- Your watercolor painting supplies: 140lb Watercolor paper, brushes, palette with paint.

Some unique paints and tools for painting water will be available, as well as student grade brushes, paper towels, water containers, and spray bottles.

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