Spark! Igniting Your Writing with Art


Spark! Igniting Your Writing with Art


Date: Saturday and Sunday, January 26th-27th
Time: Saturday 10am-4pm, Sunday 10am-3pm

Instructors: Deborah Nedelman ( and Liesel Lund

Everyone has had the experience of their writing voice freezing up. We’ve all had times when the blank page overwhelms us or our writing just feels flat. Join us for a playful weekend that will fuel your creativity. Learn ways to tap into the non-verbal part of your brain to loosen up the verbal part. This workshop, co-taught by writer, Deborah Nedelman, and artist, Liesel Lund, is based on Deborah’s own experience of discovering that her writing flowed more easily when she began mixing her writing time with the easy and simple art techniques she learned in Liesel’s classes.

We’ve designed this workshop to be safe and supportive. No art experience is needed. We will alternate between guided writing exercises and very easy and fun art techniques to help non-artists tap into their creativity. You’ll come away with written pieces you may build on and a host of visual techniques you can use to enhance your writing practice.

No art experience necessary. 12 Spaces.

A blank journal with 140# watercolor paper (Casey’s Crafts carries these)
Your favorite writing pen
All other supplies included in your workshop

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